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Drilling Supplies


Matex Gravel Stop Polymer

  • GRAVEL STOP is an environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, powdered viscosifier
  • that can be used in either fresh or brine water. It is used consistently in HDD drilling
  • GRAVEL STOP imparts excellent viscosity yield. It is a superior product for stabilization in overburden, sand and gravel areas.
  • GRAVEL STOP is effective in drilling conditions where groundwater temperatures exceed 150° F.
  • GRAVEL STOP is the preferred mix in winter conditions (powder).
  • GRAVEL STOP reduces DTH Torque due to its excellent holding power.
  • GRAVEL STOP reduces transportation costs for drilling because of its concentrated nature.
  • GRAVEL STOP combined with Torqueless HDD reduces lost casing.
  • For more information on GravelStop and other Matex/Control Chemical products we sell click here

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    Bullet Style Cutting Tools

  • C31HD 1" Cutting Tools for Drilling in Hard Rock

  • B47K19H 1 1/2" Cutting Tools for Drilling in Hard Rock

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